Thursday, July 10, 2008

How to Make Money Through Blog Advertising

As dumb as you guys all are, I'm sure that even you've noticed that my whole blog is littered with ads. I won't lie; I enjoy making money off of my blog and I'm sure you'd like to do the same with your two-bit internet operations. That's why, being the generous and caring individual that i am, I'll let you in on the best ways to monetize your blog and end up with some extra do re mi in your paypal account.

Blogsvertise - I'd say that this is your #1 starting point when it comes to advertising in your blog. They're the most accepting of n00b, pagerank 0 bloggers. Advertisements get assigned to you by Blogsvertise as well as chosen by you from a "grab bag" of tasks rejected by other bloggers. You'll start of making 2-5 bucks per advertisement, but what do you expect when you barely have any visitors? Later one, you'll be seeing $10-$15 per advertisement with the potential to earn up to $50 per 75 word article.

Sponsored Reviews - This site has a slightly different format. Instead of being offered a wage for your articles, you approach companies with bids and your money making depends on whether or not they accept the offer. What sucks hardest about this site is that they take a nice big cut of your profits so you don't end up making anywhere near the amount you would at

ReviewMe - This site, like blogsvertise, will assign you tasks but it's less reliable. There is no ideal grab bag feature and you could go months between tasks. Keep this site on your back burner.

PayPerPost - This is the site of which I originally wanted to be a part when I decided that i want to get paid to blog. PayPerPost will supply you with a nice long list of advertisers of which you can choose. I'll warn you now that many of them don't appreciate Blogspot as your blog host. Either way, if you have a high enough pagerank, PayPerPost is where you'll start making, on average, $20 per post but, as you get bigger, you could be seeing payouts as high as $150+. It is rather tough to get accepted by them, however. Before accepting you, they'll want to see 10 original, substancial posts within the past 30 days. If you're someone who writes nice, beefy articles, this can be somewhat of a daunting task. For those of you who wimp out and just blog a single line about how you hate your conformist parents or resent the Starbucks corporation, it might be a tad easier to spit out 10 annoying, generic posts.

Blogging Ads - I've yet to receive any assignments from this site. You can try your luck, but I regret wasting time on this.

LoudLaunch - These shnitheads took forever to get back to me and when they finally did, they rejected me. I don't really know why. Their loss. Maybe I'll waste some more time on them a bit later, but I doubt it.

In all these recommendations, I'm assuming you have a rather small and budding blog. If this is the case, then banners and AdSense aren't worth your time. You're not really generating enough traffic to see any profit from these tools. If you're looking to make money off pop-up ads, you're going to have a tough time getting accepted by pop-up ad companies since they have a high standard when it comes to the traffic on the sites they accept.

On a final note, blog advertisement, apart from selling crap on eBay, is the only instance when I made significant money with my online shenanigans. Paid surveys, paid friends networks, paid internet surfing and free Xbox/PS3/Wii programs are all scams and are definitely not worth your time. There's no easy money anywhere on the internet. Don't let any pop-up or banner convince you otherwise. Also, don't let anyone convince you that you're, in any way, equal to me. I'll always be better than you in every way imaginable. I'll always be there to take your women and pee in your toilet tank so that when you flush, pee comes out. Lates, suckas.