Monday, July 28, 2008

Google's PR 0 punishment

Many of you may have noticed that i haven't been very active in the past 2 weeks. This is mostly because of my recent penalization. Google, in their infinite wisdom, decided that they didn't appreciate my paid advertising. They would rather I use their Adsense program and give them the profit derived from my traffic.

As punishment for my infidelity, my Pagerank was shot down to 0. This essentially killed any chance of me making any money off my blog. Payperpost and Blogsvertise refused to give me any additional tasks. I was pretty bummed out and pissed at Google for pulling such a rat move. I quickly realized that SocialSpark, PayPerPost's sister site, uses RealRank to gauge a site's credibility. If you rely on paid posts to make you online money, you should do the same. Since Google is huge and generally doesn't care about a little sites and their meaningless complaints, you shouldn't hold your breath when submitting a reconsideration request. So let Google take your PR away from you. As long as you have traffic and quality links, your RealRank will be decent and you can get money using SocialSpark.

That is all for now. Quality articles are on the way.

As far as my posts go, I will continue to write articles