Friday, May 23, 2008

How To Be The Nice Guy And Still Get The Girl

jessica alba beach model hot It happens all too often and it’s a sad sight to see; a guy thinks he’ll charm a girl by being the rebellious bad boy. Unfortunately, not all girls want to be with Charlie Sheen’s character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. If this is the case with the girl you’re seeing, you might have to change your tactics because, in this day and age, nice guys don’t always finish last. Here are some ways to be the perfect nice guy and get the girl.

Steal the snake’s venom

Sometimes girls will tell you that they love the bad boy attitude and it’s hard to understand why. He’s dishonest, insincere and rude. All the traits you wouldn’t want to see in a mate. However, he does possess one trait that overpowers all the others: confidence. No matter what you’ll see the bad boy do, he’ll do it with confidence. So even though a woman might be dragged through the mud by her boyfriend, she still knows that he’s a strong, confident man. If you can be a nice guy and still show her you’re confident and strong, then you’re money.

Dangerously Good

You should never confuse being nice with being boring. It’s all too often that nice guys fall into the trap of being boring with all their orthodox compliments and actions. One reason why girls get turned off of the “nice guy” is because he lacks excitement and unpredictability. Try taking her places she’s never been to or do things she’s never done. When the excitement puts her on her toes, she looks to you for guidance and the fact that you’re playing the nice guy makes you look ten times greater.

big man holding a flowerDon’t let your job define you

One pitfall into which the “nice guy” sometimes falls is talking too much about his job. Unless you’re a professional rock climber or a daredevil, your job is boring. You can’t mask it. It doesn’t usually make for great conversation because, even though you may be passionate about it, she’s not. The “bad boy” will usually talk about exciting events that will grab the date’s attention as opposed to a ritual he does all day every day. Instead of yapping on about your occupation, try talking about life experiences and, if you’re lucky and don’t act boastfully, she’ll be impressed and possibly relate to them.

Over Polite

Chivalry is an art that will never die; however, it can very easily be overdone. When guys get nervous and insecure about a girl’s feelings, they often try to be over polite to compensate. It’s obvious how this can backfire. There’s nothing wrong with opening a door for your date but when you start to stand when she leaves the table and holding her chair while she sits down is a bit excessive and will not only make her feel awkward but also make you seem creepy. Keep the gestures moderate and within current society’s norms and you’ll do just fine.

Save Your Smilesnice guy gets the hot model

Even though you may be excited and you’re smiling because you’re nervous, smiling too much makes you seem weak and no woman worth having is drawn to weakness. Everywhere in nature, a smile is sign of fear and submission. From monkeys to wolves, animals use the smile to lower themselves in front of dominant figures. Your smile can be your white flag or your ultimate weapon. Holding your smile for when it counts not only makes you seem more confident, but also makes you appear more sincere in your toothy grin.

Blinded by the light

One of the best trademark techniques of the nice guy is listening. Unlike the “bad boy”, the nice guy will take an interest (or at least pretend to take an interest) in what his date has to talk about. If there’s one subject people love, it’s themselves. When you’re with your date, try keeping the spotlight on her. She’ll love the conversation and, to her mystery, she’ll like you even though she knows little about you. You just seemed so bright the whole night by shining the spotlight on her.

In summary, the ideal “good guy” will take the better points from the “bad boy” and rid himself of all the stereotypes associated with being the nice guy who finishes last. If you manage to find your perfect mix of danger and charm, you’ll not only give your date a great time, but also leave her with a craving for more. Until next time; be good and be cool.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

11 Ways to Have a Better, More Trafficked Blog

So it’s been about 9 months since I’ve started this blog and, in that time, my hits per month have gone up 600% That’s 600x time better anything you’ve done. Since I’m an infinitely nice guy, I’ll let you know how you can do the same and share in my success and increase your blog traffic with QUALITY hits.

Rule #1: Nobody gives a shit about what you had for breakfast or when you bought the latest Hannah Montana album. If you expect to get hits, you have to write something people want to read. What do people want to read? People want to read about their favorite person: themselves. To every living, breathing individual, nothing is more important than their own lives. Anyone else’s life or opinions, with few exceptions, has little importance to them. Good writing will help the reader and isn’t just a vent of how crappy your egg McMuffin was this morning. Let the reader know shit they want to hear…like how to improve their blog.

Rule #2: The human brain is frustrated by having to read narrow columns. A lot of time is wasted by traveling from the end of one line to the beginning of the next one. Overall, it makes your articles look a lot longer than someone would want to read. When you start off on any free blogging service, like blogspot, find a template elsewhere online and switch it right away. It’s a simple copy paste. Knowing some basic HTML helps out mounds.

Rule #3: Add pictures with every entry. Nobody likes seeing a page full of text. It’s intimidating to see and no one who’s leisurely surfing the net wants to brave through a daunting text. Whenever possible, add a picture of a half naked woman. You have no idea how many people you’ll pick up from Google images searches. About 10% of those people will stick around and read some articles.

Rule #4: If you plan on making money, keep them out of the way of your articles. If your text is littered with stupid advertisements, you can bet your sweet Pringles-eating ass that your readers will hit the “back” button after 3 seconds.

Rule #5: Sign up with . This is an online system in where you surf other people’s blogs in exchange for hits to your own. If you sit down with it for about an hour, you’ll have a nice trickle of hits from it for the next few months. This isn’t really generating quality hits since people will only stop by your page for the mandatory 20 seconds then leave but, occasionally, you’ll catch someone who sticks around and reads your articles. If that person enjoys your blog enough to check back (happened to me on several occasions) then you know your page is eye-catching and you’ve done a good job in the design and layout.

Rule #6: Sometimes hundreds of hits to your blog depend on just one word. One relevant word that you forgot to include could cost you. Download yourself a keyword fisher. You’ll enter your subject and it’ll search the net for relevant words that bigger sites use. Using the suggested relevant words could help you get more hits from Google searches.

Rule #7: Stay away from dodgy hit generators. I know this sounds a bit hypocritical considering rule #5, but blog soldiers is an exception. Google will be able to tell when your hits are fakes and you’ll end up with a lower pagerank.

Rule #8: Keep your game clean and avoid porn. There are 3 reasons for this. Firstly, you’re limiting your readership when there’s nudity on the page. People will avoid reading articles when others are around (in class, coffee shops, libraries, etc.). Secondly, when guys start seeing full out nudity, they’ll forget all about your site and go to their favorite porn site. Lastly, you’ll qualify for fewer advertisers when you have adult content on your site. Stick semi-naked to the semi-naked pics and you’ll be fine.

Rule #9: Sign up to a traffic analyzer site like You’ll be able to see what people are searching up to get to your site and which of your links are working. This will give you some hints as to where to advertise next.

Rule #10: No one will psychically know about your blog and enter the URL. You have to get your name out on the web. The more diverse link you have pointing towards your blog, the better. People will come from all over and Google will give you a higher pagerank, which will further boost traffic. Post links in the comments section of similar posts in popular blogs or sites. Ask any contacts with high pageranks to link to you. Never copy and paste a standard message like “I have some more good tips at” all over the net. Google will pick up on this and see you as a spammer. Write a unique message every time.

Rule #11: Even if you have a surge of good ideas for articles, don’t write them all at once. Jot some notes down and save them for later. All too often, writers will get burnt out after writing a dozen entries and not post for another few months, if at all. This irregularity is also bad for readers who might just be returning for the first time and will be deterred from returning again because of the lack of updates.