Friday, August 24, 2007

Ultra Bullshit

Sometimes marketing ploys are so stupid that they just annoy me. Once upon a time, the only dish soap was a tall bottle of green stuff. Now, I guess soap companies revised their formulas and produced "ultra soap" (ie: dawn ultra, palmolive ultra). This led to small, more expensive containers. The companies didn't want to turn people off of the newer soaps, so they started feeding cinsumers this bullshit about only needing a teaspoon per sink load. I bought that hunk of crap...for a bit, and tried doing a sink load with only one squirt. The soap might be able to degrease if it didn't fucking dissolve like dish soaps do. Today when I went to grab the dish soap at work, I see that it's the exact same tall bottle of green stuff except it says "ultra" fucking thing! Obviously they realized that one squirt isn't cutting it for anyone. So we're back to using the same amount of soap but are paying double for it because it's a new ultra formula.