Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Necessary Absurdities

As I sit here on the floor, casually typing at 1 in the morning, I begin to think what people need. In our western society, we all have very similar social needs that make no sense whatsoever. For example, we all need:

A VICTIM TO SYMPATHIZE - Whether it be the people in Darfur or cancer patients, everyone has a spot in their heart reserved for those less fortunate. As long as humans populate this planet, there will be an infinite source of pity.

AN ENEMY TO BLAME - Whatever the case be, people rarely blame themselves. Someone can and will always be scapegoated for all the world's problems. It seems as if the world has made their enemy George W. Bush. Whatever he choses to do is automatically considered stupid and the logical course of action would be to run in the opposite direction. By the principle of "my enemy's enemy is my friend", many have supported Gore in his poorly acted farce. FYI: the left were the first to start problems in the middle east. Jimmy Carter supported the ayatollah. You can thank the ayatollah for the radical Islamic terrorism to which we are privy today.

A PHENOMENA TO FEAR - Whether it be carcinogens, global warming or the Lord Almighty, everyone has been instilled with some sort of fear. Without fear, our race would live in a hedonistic, anarchistic, state of nature. Everyone needs something to fear. Should they lack the sense or creativity to develop their own fears, the media will graciously step in and provide a few sleepless nights to those in need of a good scare.

AN IDOL TO WORSHIP - Some choose to entrust their belief in the G-d others claim that such an act is foolish. Follow these people around long enough and you'll find their idol(s). In vanity, some chose to worship themselves as they grace their eyes upon what they see in the mirror. Some chose to follow politics and entrust their faith in another to lead them and guide them. Personally, I chose my religion overall since I don't feel that any tangible being in this universe is complete enough in itself to be worthy of idolization.

More to come as I ponder...