Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Spears Family Tradition Continues: Oops They Did it Again.

So it was recently published that Britney Spear's sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is pregnant. The kicker is that she's 16 and the "father" (we don't know yet) is 19. Jamie's ecstatic but there's a wee lil' problem: that's statutory rape. How does this shit make the news? Redneck families from Louisiana are popping out babies by the dozen, but because she was in a few 2-bit shows and B-movies and of course is related to Britney, this makes CNN and MSNBC. The best part is, the mother of these two girls just wrote a book about parenting. Apparently the book is on hold now (coincidence?). Feel free to answer me on this one...who the fuck will buy a parenting book written by a woman who raised one daughter that hates her and lost custody of her children (we all know the many reasons) and another daughter that is pregnant at the age of 16? Maybe they weren't informed that a grocery bag from the local Piggly-Wiggly isn't an adequate form of contraception. It baffles me how they aren't ashamed of their dysfunctional family. Even Chris Crocker (the "Leave Britney Alone" activist) can't defend the Spears name on this one. This is just a case of social mobility gone wrong. Continuing in my tradition of fucking with people blindly searching up keywords in google: there are no pictures of britney spears or videos, nor are there any pictures of the pregnant Jamie Lynn Spears here. Hehe, idiots. Lates.