Friday, December 19, 2008


It's been a while since I've written a decent "how to" article, hasn't it? I've been overcome with ads and useless posts. Well the era of ad posts seems to be coming to an end. Payperpost, the company that would assign me advertisements, has just booted me from their community. Let me tell you how great it is to write advertisements that drop your pagerank to 0 only to later be booted from their system and not be able to use your blog to publish anything else. The part that really screws you over is that PayPerPost does not allow for "no follow" tags in your links. Google really doesn't appreciate people selling links because it throws off their pagerank system. So once Google catches you with your pants down, you better bring a tub of vasoline, 'cause your about to be screwed long and hard. So, to sum up my emotions, Payperpost sucks. They used me like a Czechoslovakian prostitute and didn't even have the courtesy to finish off with a happy ending.

The way things look now, I think the only ads you'll be seeing are Google's ads on the right of this page (see it???). I am not allowed to solicit clicks for these ads, so I won't. I can't purposly ask you to click on the ads if you appreciate my content just so that I can generate a profit because that would violate the terms of service.

That's what's going on with this blog now. More quality content is on the way. Lates sucka.