Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dumb Americans

Tip #124: Lowering Your Standards Makes You Feel Smarter

I just caught a glimpse of the show "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" on YouTube and I must say that I'm amazed at how Americans are not ashamed of what has become of their society. Do people not realize that average American intellect has degraded to the point where adults are having trouble answering questions that an 11-year old can answer with ease? To add to the irony, the show is hosted by Jeff Foxworthy; a man who made himself famous with jokes about how much of a dumb redneck he is.

Half of me wants to believ
e that this is all one big joke and this isn't real. The other half is enraged by how retards scraped from the bottom of the intelligence barrel are rewarded more money than they ever deserve to see. Once upon a time, Jeopardy was THE game show. The questions got progressively harder and there was a challenge to be had. Then, Americans moved on to Wheel of Fortune; a game that limited you to 26 possible answers. Later, the smash hit game show became "Who Wants to be a Millionaire." The answers are limited 4 possibilities but the questions were still pretty tough. Now, we're glorifying the dumbest shits ever to walk G-d's green earth. I don't think broadcasters should publicize footage of these dumb fucks struggling to figure out how many E's there are in "watermelon" or in which European country you can find Budapest.

I don't think it's sur
prising that so many illegal immigrants enter America since anyone with half a brain can make a killing harvesting money from a legion of idiots. Is this dumbed-down dickhead-fest entertainment for the country? Is it entertaining that 18% of Americans believe that the sun orbits the earth? I'm going to stop before I slip into an anger-induced seizure.
If you're an American reading this, congrats on reaching the end. You're probably smarter than most of your country...unless of course you only came here
because of the pictures of half-naked women. You people make me sick. Illegal immigrants will only improve your country. Seeya, suckas.