Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine Gift Crisis? De L'Au Dela

Valentine's day is just around the corner and I know you lazy bums are looking for something to get your sweetheart at the last minute. I know what you're thinking: flowers and chocolates will have you covered...yeah, nothing says I love you like cleaved flora and love handles in a box.
In case you didn't detect my sarcasm, it's time to get your love something a bit more original. That's where De L'au Dela comes in. The phrase De L'Au Dela is French for "otherworldly" or "out of the ordinary."They make handcrafted original items (catch the idea yet, Einstein?). This isn't the $8 plastic crap you'll get from H&M or fake jewelry from eBay. The bracelets, for example, go from $15 - $25. For those who don't know, that's an awesome price for real stones like turquoise, aquamarine and real Swarovski crystals.
If you want to get another "oh that's so sweet," you can stick with your done-to-death valentine gifts. If you're looking for a real response (and a real reward, if ya know what i mean) then De L'Au Dela is what you're looking for. If you have something specific in mind, they even do custom jewelry at request. Also, how many other jewelry companies will offer you free repairs in case of a break? Bottom line, if you're looking for authentic jewelry and don't want to bust your wallet, De L'au Dela is what you're looking for.